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A Tapiter's Life detailed section of tapestry

Jill A. Vendituoli

Since I began hand stitching needlepoint tapestries nearly twenty five years ago, I have stretched the boundaries of this traditional woman’s  craft.  Throughout my self-taught fiber art odyssey, I have embraced the challenge of uniting my creations with those of my female stitching forebears.  But, unlike these women, I have operated under the liberated assumption that if I can see it in my head, I can stitch it with my hands.  Contemporary vision meets historical technique.

 My work in recent years  has focused on representing   the ordinary and extraordinary events and objects from our natural environment and daily lives.   With the blending potential of 530 colors of thread, I can create a palette as extensive as any painter’s; but with the flexibility of fiber, I can take my art beyond  a two-dimensional plane. Now I envision it overhead, incorporating found objects from nature and in shapes and forms that re-invent this traditional woman’s craft and re-define needlepoint as we know it.